AOTO LED display

News & Events


  • Sports


    Based on the world-leading core technologies and based on accurate understanding of customers' requirements, AOTO offers professional LED display solutions to sport events, including perimeter LED display, LED video wall, center-hung LED display and LED ribbon display. With high refresh rate, stable and reliable system, AOTO products creates unique experience for fans and athletes to enjoy a memorable event.
  • TV Studio

    TV Studio

    Currently, customers' high requirements for the LED displays visual effects and quality stimulate the high standard of LED applications in the broadcasting industry.
  • Conference Room

    Conference Room

    As for conference room solution, LED display technology must deliver superior visual performance and clarity to enable efficient meeting.
  • Digital Media

    Digital Media

    ?For the increasing demand of city media resources, LED display's vivid colors and sharp images which deliver amazing visual impact not only attract those passing by to maximize media value but also highlight the commercial value of media resources.
  • Transportation


    ?AOTO provides professional LED display and control system to all operation locations of “Grand Transit System”.
  • Events


    ?By patented designed latch, slim cabinet and simple cabling connection, AOTO rental products realize fast and efficient set-up and save labor cost for rental events.
  • Control Room

    Control Room

    ?With leading technology,first-class R&D team and excellent product quality, AOTO provides ultra-HD (UHD) LED display solution for control rooms and command centers.
  • High-end Retail

    High-end Retail

    With leading image display technology, high-quality service and excellent products, AOTO retail solution has been applied in Harrods Department Store and other global top advertising locations, and these significant projects received high praise from customers and audiences.
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